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Hey Pascal here :-)!


I hope you’re doing well!

Today, I turn 37 years old… I don’t mind getting older because I still feel 23 and act like I’m 11 at times. It pays to lead a healthy life.

However, I wanted to do something special for you, the readers of my blog and everyone who subscribes to my email broadcasts.

And it’s a good opportunity to do something really cool for one of our local charities in need.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know that I rarely have sales or discount my fitness and health programs.

However, this being my birthday and all, I wanted to do something big for our community and for a cause that’s really near and dear to my heart.

So I’m taking 37% off my entire line of fitness products and nutrition programs. PLUS, I’m donating a portion of every sale to Virginia Hospital Center.

If you don’t know about Virginia Hospital Center, let me tell you a little bit about them and all the good they do in the world.

I first heard about Virginia Hospital Center back in 2013, before doing rehab after my motorcycle accident, from a friend who’s child was born with spinal deformation that caused him to be wheelchair bound the rest of his life. The cost of the medical procedures needed to help my friend’s son were astronomical.

However Virginia Hospital Center did not take a dime, not for the medical procedures and not for the custom wheel chair.


Currently, Virginia Hospital Center helps people regardless of the medical services they have to provide and no matter their income and inability to pay.

Virginia Hospital Center uses a mix of private and public funding. Folks like you and me allow Virginia Hospital Center to help out those who may be less fortunate than ourselves.

This year, I want to be one of their biggest donors.

Since 2013, I’ve supported the hospital and their cause through various donations from Clarendon Fitness, and by matching donations throughout the year.

The biggest “thing” that keeps me excited about giving to the Virginia Hospital Center is knowing that a person less fortunate is never turned away.  It feels good to know that families who need serious medical attention of any kind, can get the highest level of treatment available to anyone regardless of their financial state.

No person in need is ever turned away from VHC… and that to me is the biggest reward.

So when you pick up any of the programs down below for 37% off, we’ll donate a percentage from every sale to Virginia Hospital Center.

However, like all good things this sale has to come to an end. So be sure put your order in before this Saturday at 11:59 AM EST.

 Small GroupTraining

Discover exactly how to double and even triple your fitness results in a team based, group environment.  In addition, learn how to transform your fitness and health habits. Get the secrets of physical improvement, healthy fitness mindset, and changes to your overall health from the system that has helped over 3,000 people lose over 40,000lbs for the last 5 years! We will teach you our most guarded secrets that have helped individuals make changes that are literally life saving! If you are thinking of starting a health and fitness plan, this is the blueprint to your success. Start by attending any of our High Intensity Fitness and Strength Training sessions.

6 months of Small Group Training – Getting Started (PAID IN FULL)

Regularly: $1,494 Birthday Sale Price: $941. Click Here to Order Now (Enter ‘Pascal37′ on the checkout page for 37% off).

12 Months of Small Group Training – Total Wellness Transformation (PAID IN FULL)

Regularly: $2,779 Birthday Sale Price: $1,750. Click Here to Order Now (Enter ‘Pascal37′ on the checkout page for 37% off).


Private Personal Training 

Private Personal Training is our bona-fide proven system for participants of all levels. Similar to how a professional athlete or a movie star would train, we apply multiple trainers and coaches to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely.  Many people when first starting out are de-conditioned from lack of activity or injured from previous activities or sports. Our program includes an assessment which is the critical tool in determining how hard, what duration, what frequency, and at what intensity we can apply to your training.

It’s not a training system that you try for a few weeks and never continue. This is more of an education that allows you to become independent in the gym, track or field. This system is developed to take your existing level of fitness and help transform you completely. We take the guess work out of training and teach you how to have health success and results for the long term.

6 Months of Private Personal Training – Getting Started

Regularly: Varies Based on Fitness Assessment Birthday Sale Price: 37% off. Email to schedule initial consultation (Mention ‘Pascal37′ in the email for 37% off).

12 months of Private Personal Training – Total Wellness Transformation

Regularly: Varies Based on Fitness Assessment Birthday Sale Price: 37% off. Email to schedule initial consultation  (Mention ‘Pascal37′ in the email for 37% off).


Massage Therapy (NEW)

Lets face it, if you had less stress you could perform better. You might even be more invested and motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Less stress is shown to make your job easier and you’ll even get better results in everything you do. With our new Massage Therapy program, managing your physical and mental stress is much easier. Use any of our massage therapists to help deliver better results, decrease your stress levels, and make your life easier. 

First things first: pick the type of massage that you want. Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, or Sports Massage.

This weekend only… Sign up and get 37% off!

10 Sessions (60 Minutes)

Regularly: $845 Birthday Sale Price: $532. Click Here to Order Now (Enter ‘Pascal37′ on the checkout page for 37% off).

20 Sessions (60 Minutes)

Regularly: $1691 Birthday Sale Price: $1,065. Click Here to Order Now (Enter ‘Pascal37′ on the checkout page for 37% off).


Nutrition Counseling

You’re about to discover how to take your fitness knowledge and accelerate your body composition changes. Learn what most nutritionists and dietitians never tell you. The single most important breakthroughs are taught over the course of 4 weeks. Including Supplementation, meal timing, and macro nutrient balance. Follow the steps with unlimited text message and email support and 4 counseling sessions.


1 Month of Nutrition Support

Regularly: $599 Birthday Sale Price: $377. Click Here to Order Now (Enter ‘Pascal37′ on the checkout page for 37% off).


Of course with all of our products there is a 30 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.



Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me icon_smile !  And more importantly, THANK YOU for helping me support an awesome organization like Virginia Hospital Center over the years.

I’m super grateful for you; my clients, customers and subscribers and for the opportunity to get to work with and help thousands of people who are looking to transform their lives.

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