Personal Training at Clarendon Fitness Will do Wonders for Your Body and Mind

The power of exercise is really quite remarkable. The chemicals released while you are getting your body into shape really do offer all sorts of benefits. We suggest you put down that laptop and look into how our personal training will do wonders for your body and mind. dreamstime_xxl_4649675-300x300<

Say you tend to suffer anxiety from time to time, which would you feel is a more healthy solution; a nice hot bath or a fifteen minute jog? Those warm and fuzzy chemicals that are released when you exercise will help with your anxiety hangups. Not only that, think of the calories you are burning too.

That buff dude hanging out at the gym is probably a whole lot smarter than you think. Rid yourself the dumb jock stereotype as exercise boosts brain power. We aren’t saying that jogging a few miles will lead to a Pulitzer Prize, but it will improve your overall brain function including sharpening your memory. That’s right, regular physical activity increases the production of the cells responsible for memory and learning. You probably wish you were aware of this in high school. Think about it, you would study while on the treadmill.

The brain releases dopamine as a reward chemical in response to any form of pleasure. This, in part, is what drives people to such addictions as alcohol and drugs. Exercise also releases dopamine and can be part of addiction control.

When discovering the benefits of exercise you might ask; why choose Clarendon Fitness?  Simply put, we understand the frustrations of regular gym services and we can provide you with the benefits that cannot be found when working out on your own.

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